About MiniCheckers!

MiniCheckers is a pure HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript implementation of American checkers. It uses no external libraries, all graphics are handmade, and it was all done around 3 days. It's not a fully faithful rendering of American checkers, but it covers most of the ground rules. The directions are simple:

  1. Black always starts first in MiniCheckers.
  2. To move, click a piece when it's your turn to select it, then click an empty, green grid to move.
  3. To jump, make sure there's a space diagonally after the piece you want to jump, then click that grid space to take the piece you jumped over.
  4. Get to the final row on your opponent's side to king your pieces, then you can move forwards and backwards to take pieces!

Remember, regular pieces cannot take kings, but kings can take regular pieces. Also, you cannot jump over your own pieces, only your opponent's.

The goal of the game is simple: take as many of your opponent's pieces as possible until none are left, or the game ends in a stalemate!

To know whose turn it is, either check the event list and look for the latest message telling you what turn it is, or look at the scoreboards for a graphic "turn" indicator below the player's color.

The timer at the top of the board starts whenever the first move is made and ends when the game is won.

When finished, click the "New Game" button to restart the game completely!

Want to resume a game for later? Simply click "Save Game", pick a save location, and click "Ok" to save your game! When you want to load an earlier game, click "Load Game", pick the save game file that you want, and click "Open".

Current Limitations:



Version 1.1.1